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Build Right Builders are a family-run building firm operating in the North East of England,
offering quality service at competitive rates.

Build Right Builders

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This site was last updated on 29 June, 2008 .

Latest News

Should You Move Home or Improve? - 28th June, 2008

Experts advise the best thing to do in a tough property market is either sit tight, or - if you must move - increase your home's appeal.....[MORE]

Build Right Builders Support Charity Project - 24th December, 2004

Build Right Builders are the proud supporters of Brian Darnell's participation in a charity project to help school-children in Uganda....[MORE]

Cowboy Traders Rope in £1billion - Metro, 19th October, 2004

Nearly one million people will fall victim to cowboy traders this year - handing over more than £950million for botched work. An estimated 995,000 Britons will be ripped off, researchers predict, with 45 per cent paying on average £828 more than the quoted price....[MORE]

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